Car accessories company.

Digital marketing services offered to Grand Duka, an e-commerce commerce platform.

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The Client.

Grand Duka is a distinguished retailer that specializes in offering a comprehensive range of top-quality car accessories. As a one-stop destination for automotive enthusiasts, Grand Duka caters to a diverse clientele seeking premium accessories to enhance the performance, aesthetics, and functionality of their vehicles. From performance upgrades to stylish interior and exterior enhancements, Grand Duka prides itself on providing an extensive selection to meet the diverse needs of its customers.

The Challenge.

Our client, Grand Duka, recognized the evolving dynamics of the market and the growing preference for online shopping. With the aim of reaching a broader audience and providing a seamless shopping experience, they sought the expertise of our digital marketing services for eCommerce website development and strategic online visibility.

Our digital Marketing Strategic Solution.
E-commerce website.

Our digital marketing services stepped in to rev up Grand Duka’s online presence. The first pit stop: the development of an e-commerce website that reflects the sophistication and diversity of their product offerings. This platform not only serves as a virtual showroom but also ensures a secure and efficient transactional experience for customers navigating the vast collection of automotive enhancements.

Social media marketing services.

In addition to the eCommerce website development, our comprehensive digital marketing strategy for Grand Duka includes social media marketing services to enhance brand awareness and engagement. We leverage platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to connect with the target audience, showcase products, and promote special offers.

Contact Marketing.

our services extend to WhatsApp, email, and SMS marketing, – because sometimes, a gentle reminder about those custom floor mats is all you need to hit the brakes and make a purchase. This enables Grand Duka to directly communicate with their customers, share updates, and run targeted promotional campaigns. These channels contribute to building a loyal customer base and fostering a personalized connection with the audience.

Search engine optimization.

And let’s not forget the pièce de résistance – site search engine optimization (SEO). We’re not just fine-tuning; we’re supercharging Grand Duka’s online presence, ensuring they pop up on search results faster than you can say “check out these awesome car accessories!”


Grand Duka is reaping the rewards of our tailored digital marketing services, experiencing a significant transformation in its online presence and customer engagement. The newly developed eCommerce website has become a virtual storefront that not only showcases their extensive range of car accessories but also provides a seamless and user-friendly shopping experience, translating into increased conversions.

Social media marketing efforts across platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter have amplified brand visibility, fostering a vibrant online community and attracting a broader audience. The integration of WhatsApp, email, and SMS marketing services has facilitated direct and personalized communication, enhancing customer loyalty and driving repeat business.

Additionally, our ongoing search engine optimization initiatives are steadily improving Grand Duka’s visibility on search engine results pages, ensuring that their products are easily discoverable by potential customers. Overall, the comprehensive digital marketing strategy is positioning Grand Duka as a prominent player in the automotive accessories market, boosting sales, customer engagement, and brand recognition.

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